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Beacon Investment Publishing was formed to assist individuals in becoming effective managers of their own assets through programs of education, information, and research.

We firmly believe that with the right education and information, individual investors have inherent advantages over their institutional counterparts and can regularly outperform the market—and the firms who spend unthinkable sums to beat it.

This is because you, as an individual investor, have the unique ability to invest where firms cannot. Large institutions generally cannot effectively invest in the stocks of smaller companies or in less-liquid issues, both of which characteristics have generally performed best in the long run. Individual investors can also focus on a broader time horizon rather than needing to meet quarterly goals for the sake of job security or bonuses.

With the right resources and mentorship, these benefits can amount to substantial extra wealth.

Our dedication to empowering individual investors defines us and vitalizes our commitment to you. We pride ourselves on remaining an independent voice not reliant on commissions, advertising revenue or kickbacks from large corporations.

Beacon makes its money through subscriptions for newsletters and other research and education products. Because of this our revenue and mission align perfectly. We succeed along with our subscribers. If our advice and strategies result in investment losses, we will lose subscribers and money. But as we stay true to our mission our subscribers stay with us and we all profit together.

Each product we put together takes years of extensive research. We promise you no get-rich-quick schemes. There are no stock recommendations to turn you into a millionaire overnight.

Instead, we believe in investing the right way, building a solid foundation of education, using tools to validate ideas and hunches, letting data and research guide decision-making and investing for the long term—not to meet quarterly goals or change your life by the time the sun again rises.

Our promise to you: We will be behind you, supporting you, giving you everything you need to succeed at each step in your investing journey


Beacon Investment Publishing.

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